Brisbane Australia – Best Things To Do!

There is little disputing that Australia is the best country in the world, however we will even go so far as to say that Brisbane itself is equally impressive! Ignoring the cyclonic weather conditions forecast for this weekend (bad timing for this blog – but we cant control mother nature), the climate, lifestyle and things to do around this great city makes it one of the most livable in the world (25th to be exact).

So as a tribute to our city, we have put together some resources which help list the Best Things to Do in Brisbane, so whether you are a migrant hoping to call Brisbane home, or an Aussie looking for something to do, feel free to explore the information below and get active!

  1. Click here for the best activities in Brisbane as voted in Tripadvisor
  2. Click here for the top 30 things to do in Brisbane this winter (it’s no longer coming, its well and truly here)
  3. If 30 activities aren’t enough for you, this link lists 100 (yes 100) things to do in Brisbane
  4. Brisbane’s best attractions can be found here
  5. Hungry? Brisbane has some amazing restaurants. This link here lists some of the best! 
  6. Similar to Number 5, perhaps maybe you just want a decent pub meal? Well you should check this out then!
  7. Thirsty? Brisbane also has some great night spots for those wanting to finish the week off with a wine or two.
So we hope these resources have given you some inspiration to go and explore and experience some of what this city has to offer. 

We almost forgot Number 8 on our list, which is if you are looking for the best immigration lawyers in Brisbane, then you don’t need to look any further! So if you require any migration assistance, give our office a call on 1300 644 788 or send your questions to, otherwise you can locate us at the address below.

Salvo Migration
320 Adelaide St
Brisbane QLD 4000  

Originally Published here: Brisbane Australia – Best Things To Do!


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